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Our mission is to provide the highest quality Bahamas SCUBA and Snorkeling Adventures, Instruction, Island Tours, and Sunset Cruises.  Our goal is to provide an environment where our guests will feel renewed energy, vitality, and clarity as they enjoy our “Island Experience”. 

In all of our interactions we endeavor to communicate our love for Abaco in the Bahamas:  The Land, the Sea, and the People.  We strive to exemplify the highest level of integrity in all of our dealings with our guests, our community, and each other.  We believe, in this small way, we contribute to the peace and harmony of the Earth itself.


Chris Smith - Manager of Regattas of AbacoChristopher (Chris) Smith
Entertainment Director
Manager of Regattas of Abaco
Dive Master In-Training
Licensed Taxi Operator
Licensed Boat Captain
Island Historian




Victor Politano - NAUI Dive MasterVictor Politano, Jr. (Dr. Vic)
Financial Director.
Board Certified Family Physician
NAUI Dive Master
Certified Equipment Technician
Certified Tank Inspection Technician
34 Years Diving Experience



Kay Politano - NACD Certified Cave DiverKay Politano
NAUI Instructor Trainer
SSI Instructor
CPR/First Aid and AED Instructor
Licensed Boat Captain
NACD Certified Cave Diver
34 Years Diving Experience
MA in Counseling UCF



Ron Menke - NAUI Cave Instructor

Ron Menke, US Consultant
Instructor Institute - Director
NAUI Instructor
NAUI Course Director
NACD Cave Instructor
YMCA Instructor Trainer
SSI Instructor




Len Bucko - Professional Photographer

Len Bucko, US Consultant
President of Len Bucko Photo School
Professional Photographer
Professional Videographer
PADI Course Director
PADI Instructor Trainer
Coordinator and Underwater Production Manager for the IMAX film, “Journey into Amazing Caves” and the feature film “The Cave”



Kristin JonesKristin Jones,
SSI Dive Con/Assistant Instructor
Equipment Technician
Safety Diver
Abaco Central High School Graduate
Honor Student
Recipient of The Governor General Youth Award




Alexandrine "Sandrine" InnocentAlexandrine "Sandrine" Innocent
Licensed Boat Captain
Certified Diver
Graduate of The American School in Haiti



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