Scuba diving in Marsh Harbour, Bahamas at Above & Below Abaco


Scuba diving in Bahamas waters has never been so breathtaking. We invite you to dive on spectacular reefs; home to beautiful coral gardens, tropical fish, turtles, tarpon, eagle rays, sharks, and more.

Hidden beneath the reefs are magnificent caverns and tunnels. Small openings in the top of the reef allow sunlight to dance magically on the bottom of these huge rooms and passages.

Explore underwater wrecks; the Debra K in 130 feet of water, the San Jacinto in 20 - 50 Feet of water, and the wreck of the Guana Cay dingy in 60 Feet of water.

Abaco, Bahamas has some of the most beautiful inland blue holes in the world. The Magical Blue Hole is well lit and decorated with huge stalactites.

Each of our dive sites is unique and beautiful. Names like Tarpon Tunnel, Shoots and Ladders, The Sleeping Giants, Guana Coral Caverns, The Fish Bowl, The Skyscrapers, The Cathedral, and Shark Ledge give you hints of what to expect.


We visit the most spectacular reefs, making sure weather conditions are good for the sites we choose. During the first 20 minutes of your dive we guide you through spectacular reefs and coral formations. Then, you and your buddy are welcome to explore for your remaining dive-time, based on your air supply and dive profile. Our Diving reflects the relaxed, unhurried pace of island life; small groups of six or less give you all the space you need to see and experience everything.


We want you to fully enjoy yourself while diving with us. With your permission, we put your gear together, change your gear to a full tank during the surface intervals, and wash and store your gear after the dive. During surface intervals you can sit back and rest, listen to island music, and enjoy some delicious snacks.



We love our new dive boat “Mystical Lady II” .  She's a sleek 31 ft. Hydrocat with a 10 ft. beam.  She handles beautifully, has a fast smooth ride, and cruises easily at 26 knots.  Her catamaran hull increases stability in the water with less rocking during preparations for diving and while relaxing during surface intervals.  Custom designed tank racks and benches on the stern allow easy preparation for dives, and a custom dive ladder and rails make exiting the water much easier.

Our new Bahamas Dive BoatOur beautiful new boat is licensed and spacious enough to carry 12 SCUBA Divers and 2 crew.  However, we limit the number of SCUBA divers on each trip to 6.  This assures each person will receive personal service and attention as well as a leisurely, uncrowded tour of our magnificent reefs.


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