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This is a wonderful place to learn to SCUBA dive. The warm sunshine, beautiful pools overlooking Abaco's waterways, and clear water on our reefs make learning to dive an incredible experience. We are affiliated with two of the world's best training agencies, NAUI, The National Association of Underwater Instructors and SSI, SCUBA Schools International. Both of these schools are excellent and have excellent training materials.

There are several ways you can become a Certified SCUBA Diver while you are here in Abaco, Bahamas. You can begin your SCUBA instruction with either NAUI or SSI home study academic materials that we mail to your home several weeks before you arrive. You can then complete these materials at your leisure. When you arrive we review the academic materials making sure you fully understand the academic portion of the course. Your pool training is done in beautiful, warm pools right here at Abaco Beach Resort. And finally, your five open water dives are done on our beautiful reefs here in Abaco. Some of our guests see things on their training dives that experienced divers long to see even once in their lives.

If you would like you can complete the entire course and become a fully Certified SCUBA Diver while you are here. Our SCUBA lessons begin with academic studies, continue with pool training, and finish with open water dives on the beautiful reefs of Abaco.

Another way to complete your SCUBA instruction is to finish your academic and in-pool training with a SCUBA Center near your home. You can then complete your open water portion of the course with us. We are a Universal Referral Center and can accept your training records, complete your open water dives, and fill out the necessary paper work for you to return to your home-town dive center. They will then send for your certification card.


If you are not certain you would enjoy SCUBA diving but always wanted to try it, we can offer you a SCUBA experience in the pool where you will be given some basic instructions on the use of SCUBA gear and will be able to experience what it is like to be breathing underwater in a safe environment. This takes about an hour and is an enjoyable way to discover SCUBA.

You can also discover SCUBA by completing our Resort Course. During this class you spend about 2 hours in the pool learning the basics of SCUBA diving. After you have finished the pool training we take you, on our boat, to SCUBA dive with an instructor on the beautiful, shallow reefs of Abaco. You may then dive, with an instructor, as many days as you wish while you are here.


We offer all levels of SCUBA Instruction from the basic Resort Course through Instructor Certification. We have specialists who will be conducting a Photo School and an Instructor Institute here at “Above And Below Abaco” several times a year. Let us know how we can assist you in furthering your experience and certification needs.


We are offering a unique program for those interested in the meditation aspects of diving. Divers have long associated the experience of SCUBA diving with meditation. Our program begins with classroom discussions on proper buoyancy and breathing techniques and will incorporate relaxation exercises which enhance the meditative experience and reduce or eliminate anxiety producing thoughts and ideas related to diving. The essentials of neutral buoyancy, a focus on the “now” and slightly deeper and more relaxed breathing come together to create a relaxing meditative experience. Special music before and after the dive will pull all of the aspects of this program together and will allow the full range of benefits associated with relaxing states of meditation to emerge.


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